Emily Osment

All the Right Wrongs (EP) 2009


1. All the Way Up
2. Avarage Girl
3. Found Out About You
4. I Hate the Homecoming Queen
5. You Are the Only One
6. What About Me



Fight Or Flight

Emily Osment
Fight Or Flight
Ano: 2010
Gênero: Pop

01. Love Sick
02. Get Yer Yah-Yahs Out
03. 1-800-Clap Your Hands (The Water Is Rising)
04. Marisol
05. The Cycle
06. All the Boys Want
07. Double Talk
08. Truth Or Dare
09. Let's Be Friends
10. You Get Me Through
11. Gotta Believe In Something
12. Let's Be Firends (Coltman Remix)